#RemixReallySystem piece by Jude Marr

Here is Jude Marr’s #RemixReallySystem piece for April, inspired by this chunk of text.

[in] and out

[d]rum [f]in[gers] [g]lint

bar[n] [inci]dent

[f]all [in]sects [di]sin[tegrated]

[re]cord [st]ate [c]lear[ance]

[e]rad[icate] man[ners]

ex[clude] [caro]line content[ious]

pill[ed] [pl]aid [sh]or[e]

[pi]rat[es] [sp]arse

[f]air glut[en]

per[haps] [w]ay

Jude Marr‘s poems adrift & flight— appeared in Issue Two.  Originally from Scotland, she is currently a teaching fellow at Georgia College, where she has recently completed a poetry MFA. Jude’s work has appeared, or is forthcoming, in The Cortland Review, r.kv.ry., Black Heart Magazine, and Cider Press Review, among others. She is also an assistant editor at Ghost Ocean.