Epic poem slowly tweeted: “placid for song no virtue matters held”

Starting this evening, @ReallySystemBot, our little automatic friend, is tweeting out a 2,000-line epic poem entitled “placid for song no virtue matters held,” one rhyming couplet at a time for the next 2500 hours.

The poem is based on the randomized text of Really System Issues 1-5, broken into 10-syllable rhyming couplets using a modified version of Ross Goodwin’s sonnetizer_g.py python script.

I hope you enjoy this poem as it unfolds over the course of the next few months; it’s dripping with Really-System-ness, and I find it a joy to read.

Issue Five: 12 poets, 15 poems, 2,241 words

The numbers are in! 2,241 total words in the 15 poems in Really System Issue Five: My Laser Style. 1,028 of those words were unique. That’s the fewest words in any issue so far.

The most common words in the issue:  like (17), know (9), sound (7), egg (6), said (6), smaller (6).  “Like” has been in the top 10 most frequent words in 2 of the 4 previous issues.

Longest pieces: A Proper Pressurized Blast (456 words),  Encroachment on a Dry Source (302 words).

Shortest Pieces: Skull, My Former (45 words), Nature & Environmental Writing Workshop (47 words)

Highest vocabulary density (total words /  unique words): Skull, My Former (933.3), Nature & Environmental Writing Workshop (872.3)

Lowest vocabulary density (total words /  unique words): A Proper Pressurized Blast (587.7),  Encroachment on a Dry Source (609.3).