#RemixReallySystem piece by Cathryn Cofell

Here is a vending-machine poem by Cathryn Cofell, based on a text file of words randomly selected from Really System issues 1-5.

Intent                                     negotiable                              half-formed
obviate                                  beach                                        memories
fifty year-old                      systems                                   as cellophane
name                                       as aura                                     as torch
engulfs you                          in swoon                                 falls
in hot                                       waves                                       larger than
plain                                         grammar                                obtained
death                                       tired                                          corvid



Cathryn Cofell’s poem Throb appeared in Issue Four. She is the author of Sister Satellite (Cowfeather Press) and six chapbooks, and performs her poems to the music of Obvious Dog on Lip. She serves on the WI Poet Laureate Commission and has helped launch Verse Wisconsin, the Fox Cities Book Festival and WFOP Chapbook Prize. Visit her at www.cathryncofell.com or on Twitter @CatCofell.