Our first #RemixReallySystem piece, by Jeremy Dixon

In celebration of National Poetry Month, Really System Labs will feature works from RS contributors and friends all throughout April 2015. This work is based on randomly-selected chunks of text from Really System issues 1-5 that were distributed to participants.  To start us off, Jeremy Dixon used these twenty-five words to create the piece below.

my accidental
my amateurs
my boat
my button
my carrot
my drag
my entrance
my exegetic
my fast
my geese
my hard
my inlaid
my language
my now
my operation
my pillows
my platitudes
my primordial
my printing
my rear
my scathing
my tuna
my unratified
my village
my witch


Jeremy’s poem In Retail (xxii) appeared in Issue Two.  He was born in Essex, England. He now lives in rural South Wales making Artist’s Books that combine poetry and photography. His poems have appeared both online and in print. For more information please visit;www.hazardpress.co.uk, or follow him on Twitter @HazardPressUK